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How to Design the Best Entrance System for New Customers

How to Design the Best Entrance System for New Customers
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You know how to build a beautiful, secure entrance system, but will your customers be happy with the result? Often a customer has a specific vision in mind—it’s up to you to determine if that vision is doable, consider whether it’s a good choice based on the customer’s needs and budget,  communicate clearly why or why not, and get them excited about an alternative if it comes to that. Here are a few tips for keeping the customer’s wishes in mind while using your expertise and years of experience to build the best entrance system for your new customers.


Listen Carefully

What are the customer’s primary goals for the entrance system? Most likely, it’s a combination of safety and aesthetics, though for some people one of those may be more important than the other. Get an idea of what they want the finished product to look like and what they have available to spend on it. 

Explain the Options

Discuss levels of security and the associated costs. Not everyone is aware of the many entry options available: biometrics, keypads, access cards, and so on. Be honest about your recommendations and how they fit into their budget based on their preferences and lifestyle. For example, access cards may not be the best idea for a home with several teenagers who tend to forget their homework, among other things—a keypad entry may be a better choice if they’re comfortable with that level of security.

How does the desired entrance meet HOA requirements, if applicable; how does it match the rest of the house? What will it do for curb appeal and the value of the home? Suggest different combinations of access and aesthetics until they find the one that pleases them.

Educate About Energy Efficiency

Make sure the customer knows that certain types of access systems require power, while others don’t, and consider the impact the system may have on the customer’s energy bill. Explain the importance of airtight doors and how a poorly installed entrance can cost them money over the long term. 

Alleviate Doubt

Choosing an entry system is a big decision, and with so many options, it can be difficult for a customer to decide what to do—especially if they are in the middle of decision fatigue with other areas of the house or life in general. Make it as easy as possible for them by narrowing down their options based on their budget and wish list. If they have doubts about the decision they’re about to make, hone in on the pain point: is it too expensive? Is it the wrong style? Is there a doubt about the ease of entry? Offer additional options based on any doubts that crop up during the decision-making process until the customer feels excited about their choice. 

Use High-Quality Materials

A cheap, low-quality item doesn’t serve the customer for years to come. They may think they’re getting a better deal, but they won’t be happy in the long-term with the overall appearance—and the additional costs that show up when they have to replace the pediment or pilasters or deal with damage caused by water seepage, for example. 

To create a beautiful first impression and to secure a home, Worthington Millwork offers high-quality American-made architectural products. With a variety of styles, sizes, and materials, you’re sure to find the combination that best suits your customers, and you can trust you’re putting your installation expertise to work with products that are made to high standards—products that are made to last. To learn more about our entrance systems and everything we have to offer, please contact us