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How to Create Unique Focal Points in Your Living Space Using Fiberglass Columns

How to Create Unique Focal Points in Your Living Space Using Fiberglass Columns
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Columns! You’ve probably seen them more times than you can ever recall. Chances are you even have them on your porch. But did you know you can use them inside your home? If not, then you’re in good company. Listed below are the various ways you can use fiberglass columns to give an aesthetic boost to your home


How to Add an Interesting Twist to your Home’s Interior Design Using Fiberglass Columns

Incorporating fiberglass columns into your contemporary living space is an excellent idea as they tend to add a classical yet incredibly unique twist to it. That said, here are a few tips to help you pull this fantastic idea off 

Create an Outstanding Open Plan

The open plan concept is one of the hottest trends in the world of interior design right now. Those living in old homes are increasingly knocking down their walls to create an open plan layout. Given the plenty of perks this layout packs, it’s no surprise that it has been popular for the past decade and is showing no signs of abating.

Whether your home is old or you’re in the process of building your new one, you too can enjoy not only having an open floor plan but a unique one thanks to fiberglass columns. For instance, instead of going for the regular open plan design, consider having fiberglass columns installed between the kitchen and the living area to connect the two spaces.

This will not only define the room but will also add a unique yet stunning twist to the space. For instance, for an even more unique look go for square fiberglass columns. These will not only define the space but create a striking focal point, making your open plan layout different from what we see in most homes. The riveting bit about American-made fiberglass columns is that they’re both durable and are available in a dizzying array of designs.

For an even more unique open plan layout, don’t knock down your entire walls. Have a half wall between the dining or kitchen area and the living room. Add half-height fiberglass columns on the half walls and voila! You’ll have added a fantastic timeless touch to a contemporary design.

Make Your Fireplace the Focal Point

Most homeowners use their fireplace as the focal point. While it’s a good idea, it’s quite common. But this doesn’t mean you do away with it. By installing fiberglass columns on both sides of it, you can transform the standard fireplace in your living room into an elegant and eye-catching focal point.

Hello, Amazing Stairway!

When thinking of how to spice up the aesthetics of your home, stairs might be the last area that comes to mind. While it can be a bit challenging to decorate them, stairs are like a blank slate waiting for you to inject a dose of style. Hence when decorated correctly, can serve as a fantastic focal point.

What’s even surprising is that there are just so many ways to increase their visual appeal. For instance, if your home is small, you can replace the ordinary-looking newels with half-height square white fiberglass columns. If space is no issue for you, you can be extra as you want by using full-height fiberglass columns as newels. Thus, creating a fabulous focal point and adding grandeur to your living space.  For an even classical look, use American-made Balusters instead of regular railing on the stairs.

In a Nutshell

There are so many ways to use fiberglass columns in your interior design. Therefore, if you thought they’re only good on your porch or other outdoor areas, you’re wrong. If you’re considering any of the above ideas or came across other excellent ideas, feel free to explore our page for high-quality American made fiberglass columns to make them a reality.