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Four Reasons to Install a Balustrade System

Four Reasons to Install a Balustrade System
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Balustrades serve as elegant reminders of bygone times, as well as practical safety structures. They enhance the appearance and value of a property, while at the same time offering a high level of design customization, and no need for intensive maintenance (if any at all).


What are balustrades? A balustrade is a “row of small columns topped by a rail.” It receives its name from these columns, known as balusters. In turn, the word “baluster” is derived from the Italian word for “blossoming pomegranate flower,” an apt description of these ornate, bulb-shaped pillars.

Since ancient times, balustrades have adorned the walls of palaces around the world. Now, more and more homeowners are embracing balustrades for their many unique benefits, both aesthetic and pragmatic. Are you considering a balustrade installation? Here are 4 reasons why you should make it happen:

Balustrades Promote Safety

OSHA requires that some sort of fall protection system is in place at heights of 4 feet in general industry workplaces. That’s because even falls from short distances can cause serious injury. Therefore, a sturdy balustrade can act as an important safety component around a porch, balcony, or other architectural feature.

Additionally, many homeowners are getting along in years, and may occasionally need some support to stand upright, or make their way around the house. Balustrades are excellent sources of support for seniors, and can help them to avoid dangerous falls.

Balustrades are Low-Maintenance

Due to the makeup of their source materials, balustrades are extremely low-maintenance. Whether they are made from polyurethane, cast fiberglass, glass, or stone, balustrades are highly resistance to damaging weather or gradual erosion, and don’t need to be cleaned or re-stained over and over again. They are also high resistance to rust. All of these factors can help you to enjoy your balustrade system without the stress of continual upkeep.

Balustrades Enhance Property Value

If you are looking for a simple but effective way to boost your home’s aesthetic appeal, then a balustrade system may be the perfect match for your situation. This can be especially important if you are looking to sell your home in the near future.

A balustrade can also increase a home’s property value. For example, real estate appraisers will often cite safety concerns as a major factor in submitting lower-than-expected valuations. A balustrade system can eliminate a safety concern while simultaneously adding aesthetic value to a property. It’s no wonder so many homeowners are huge balustrade fans!

Balustrades are Highly Customizable

The beautiful thing about balustrade systems is that they don’t come in cookie cutter styles. Each balustrade must be specifically tailored to the layout of the property. Moreover, experienced balustrade suppliers and installers will make sure to thoroughly consult with the homeowner on his or her preferences and concerns. Balustrades can come in straight, curved, or hybrid styles, and can feature decorative elements such as scrolls, initials, unique geometric patterns, or intricate floral designs. Really, the sky is the limit when it comes to a balustrade’s potential for customization.

The 4 benefits of a balustrade system mentioned above are just a sample of the many reasons why you should consider the installation of a balustrade at your home. And don’t worry: this project doesn’t have to break the bank! An experienced team of millwork experts can make such an installation quick and worry-free, while ensuring that every last detail is set according to your exact preferences.

If you’d like to explore some options related to balustrade systems, reach out to us at Worthington Millwork today. As the premier supplier of American-made balustrade systems, we’d be happy to assist you in any way.