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Fiberglass Columns Bring Curb Appeal to Luxury Rentals

Fiberglass Columns Bring Curb Appeal to Luxury Rentals
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At Worthington Millwork, we know that rental homes are an investment. As a landlord, your number one interest is to keep a property leased out 365 days a year, hopefully to quality tenants who will pay their rent on time and take good care of your property. But the rental industry is changing quickly, and we know landlords need to provide the best homes to attract the best tenants.


The Rental Market Has Changed

There used to be a stigma surrounding families that lived in rentals. That stigma has been banished! Rather than being low-class or underemployed individuals, modern renters are highly educated, well employed, and lifestyle savvy.

  •  Technology has made the US rental market more competitive and cutting-edge than ever before.

Even in the face of all this competition, the US rental market has never been better! According to the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), more than 43 million families live in rental homes in the US today, with more than 100 million individuals living in rented units. And many of them are solid earners, making more than $50,000 yearly.

As employees have better wages and more job security than they’ve experienced in years, they’re also more selective about their rental homes. Luxury rental living is a real concept that modern families seek to live by.

The Perfect Time to Improve Rental Properties is Now

It’s time to upgrade and update your rental properties to lure and retain the best tenants, and earn the highest rents. To make the best impression on potential renters, consider sprucing up the exterior of your rental with our fiberglass columns! They’re load-bearing, beautiful, and a real improvement, which will increase the value of your rental immediately.

Here in the US, we’re experiencing a rare “Goldilocks economy“:

  • Unemployment is low.
  • Our economy is stable.
  • The economy is buzzing along, but not hot enough to cause extreme inflation.
  • Interest rates are low, and banks are competitive. It’s a great time to secure a loan for property improvements.

About Curb Appeal

“Curb appeal” is a real estate term that describes a home’s exterior beauty. Do your prospective tenants pull up to your rental and think “Gosh, I’d like to live there?” Or do quality tenants hurry away and skip the viewing appointment because they aren’t impressed?

We think this article at System Pavers sums it up: “Curb appeal is the first impression that a person will have when they see your home from the street… how appealing your home looks from the street curb. [It’s] how good your home looks compared to the other houses on the block. If your home simply blends in with all the other houses, its curb appeal may not be enough to get the asking price you are looking for” or a signed rental agreement.

You can dramatically improve your property’s curb appeal with architectural fiberglass columns!

Fiberglass Column Tips for Landlords

  • Front porch columns can be both functional or decorative.
  • Columns make a home look richer and more inviting.
  • Shabby columns are a turn-off to prospective tenants. Replace them with our new columns, which will last a lifetime!
  • Match the columns to the porch for even more curb appeal.
  • Round, tapered columns give a home a stately appearance.

Why Choose Worthington Millwork for Fiberglass Columns

  • Unlike questionable foreign-made goods, our fiberglass columns are all manufactured here in the US, and we stand behind our products.
  • We guarantee they will last for a lifetime.
  • Our fiberglass columns represent the highest quality materials and construction in the industry.

When it comes to architectural columns, we are the industry leaders. And we’re dedicated to providing outstanding service. Contact us to learn more about our fiberglass columns as a way to improve your curb appeal and lure excellent renters. 


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