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Factors to Consider While Buying Wood Porch Columns

Factors to Consider While Buying Wood Porch Columns
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If you’re looking for high-quality wood porch columns, it is important to carry out a little bit of research and understand what you need to consider during the purchase. There are different kinds of columns available online and it can be a challenge for people to choose. At Worthington, we have a dedicated customer care team that can help. Here’s a look at some of the most important factors to consider while buying wood porch columns:


1. What kind of wood is used?

This is one of the first things to consider when you look for porch columns. Different kinds of wood have different characteristics and you need to choose something that suits your requirements well. Columns made from a combination of resilient hardwoods are ideal for a wide range of applications. Hardwood can handle a lot of loads and is very durable. It is also less vulnerable to environmental conditions like moisture, heat, cold, and dust. Good-quality hardwood columns can last for well over a decade without sustaining any sort of damage.

2. What is the design like?

Columns are often available in fluted and plain designs. Fluted columns are great if you want something a little more elaborate and attention-grabbing. Plan columns are great if you want something understated. Both options are suitable for modern décor if you plan things correctly. Worthington offers a wide range of paint and stain-grade options so you can customize them according to your property. Customers can also choose different kinds of capitals and bases for their columns to add a little embellishment.

3. Are the columns architecturally correct?

Make sure the columns are designed to be architecturally correct and sound, especially if they need to bear some load. If the columns aren’t designed properly, they can fundamentally weaken the building structure and cause problems down the line. Architecturally sound wood porch columns will last longer and look better. They fit in well with old, historical buildings, allowing you to preserve the architectural integrity of the site.

4. Are the columns customizable?

Look for columns that are customizable and can be altered to suit your property. Worthington provides a custom builder tool that allows customers to choose the size, shape, design, and components of the wood porch columns according to their requirements.

6. Where it is manufactured Different regions have different quality standards, which is why it is a good idea to invest in columns that are made in a country with high-quality standards. Worthington columns are all American-made and are shaped from materials provided by responsible producers. All of the columns pass different quality checks before they are delivered to the customer. You won’t have to deal with issues like weak or compromised wood, rot, cracks, and other such issues. All columns will be structurally-sound and durable. All you need to do is follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to maintain the wood porch columns for a long time.