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Decorative Brackets That Take Your Design to the Next Level

Decorative Brackets That Take Your Design to the Next Level
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It’s always the little touches in a home design that really captures your attention and focus – like icing on a cake. Using decorative brackets and corbels that align with, and complement the style of your home adds to the aesthetic and actual value. Nearly every style of home can benefit from using decorative brackets and Worthington Millwork has an extensive selection of brackets and corbels that fit with most any home.


Decorative Brackets

Most often seen on front porches of homes, the decorative corner bracket is designed to add interest to an otherwise boring right-angle intersection. Depending on your taste, you can choose from early Americana style up to more modern, sleeker brackets. Our corner brackets and corbels are made from high-density urethane and come delivered with a high-quality exterior latex primer, ready for your final color to be applied. High-density urethane is highly resistant to weather and will outlast wood many times over.

Decorative brackets can also be used to hide unattractive structural supports – if there are metal angle brackets supporting a corner, these urethane brackets can be modified to disguise the metal and add a more finished, cleaner appearance.

Decorative Corbels

Corbels are basically larger, more embellished brackets that, in their original use, were made to support timbers or overhangs. Very often you will see smaller structural corbels used to support granite kitchen countertop overhangs to protect the granite from breaking under load. Outdoor decorative corbels don’t provide any structural support and are purely used for aesthetics. Decorative corbels are used similarly as brackets, to enhance and decorate a mundane right-angle intersection.

Today’s engineering and construction methods generally don’t require structural corbels, so where a structural corbel would normally go, such as a roof overhang, you can install a decorative one and have your choice of a wide range of styles and sizes. And corbels are not just meant for outdoor use, they can be used to add unique decorative elements to a fireplace mantel or ceiling intersection. They can also hide unattractive structural supports in a multitude of situations.

Rustic Line

Worthington Millwork also offers decorative brackets in their “Rustic Line”. These brackets are made to replicate the appearance of real hand-hewn wood that was prevalent during the early days of post and beam home building in America. Within the Rustic Line of products, we also offer faux wood ceiling beams in six prefinished colors as well as unfinished. These decorative beams are produced by our skilled craftsmen using real, weathered, aged and distressed wood planks and boards as the “mold” to replicate every grain, texture, knot, and imperfection, in order to capture every last detail and character present in each individual board. 

There are two types of beams offered: The Rough Sawn Beams are smoother, with a clean, contemporary look, whereas the Rough Hewn Beams are much more rustic with the real look of rough wood. These beams, will not rot, crack, split, warp, absorb moisture, or decompose – They are made for both interior and exterior applications.  

We also manufacture columns in the same rustic style that allow you to have the look carry throughout your entire home, for both interior and exterior applications – and you don’t have to deal with the issues and maintenance that real wood products present.  

Worthington Millwork has been in business since 1985 and has been supplying builders, remodelers, and homeowners with high-quality millwork products since that time. We are proud to offer quality, American-made products that are fully warranted. If you are looking to add that special touch to your home the Worthington Rustic Line of products may be just what you need.