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Creative Ways of Using Brackets as a Decorative Tool

Creative Ways of Using Brackets as a Decorative Tool
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From being used in framing windows and doorways to supporting counters and shelves, decorative brackets are the latest obsession among modern homeowners. They can be used for just about anything. Unfortunately, some view brackets as traditional and unattractive.


While they still have their place in the traditional setup, they can be amazing assortments used as ornamental applications in the modern home. All you need is balance and inspiration. Here, we bring you some creative ways of using brackets as a decorative tool.

Shelf Brackets

Shelf brackets make an eye-catching yet inexpensive accent to any space, offering a striking alternative to the traditional shelving. Modern shelving units are both adjustable and nonadjustable and can be mounted on the wall and supported with brackets.

Brackets should offer a decorative and functional accent underneath to give vertical support. You could also add seats in your kitchen and create a bar using decorative shelf brackets. Height, style, and length can all be customized to help you achieve the design you are looking for.

Whether you choose to line your artwork with a planter using shelf brackets, place the decor above the kitchen, living room, or stagger books along a wall, decorative brackets come in different styles that can be accommodated by any room. Shelf brackets tend to end the backsplash where cabinets end but the wall does not in a creative way.

Counter Support

Decorative brackets come in styles that blend with almost any decor. If you are looking for something unique, try these accents. Although they are not designed as support details on counter overhangs, they have a fundamental shape and strength that allows them to be used in that decorative nature.

However, measure the estimated overhang before using brackets as a stylish support. You could also use the brackets to hang a light or mount them above the bathroom sink, dryer, or washer in your laundry room.

If you are not ready to hire an electrician to add a sconce, brackets will be your go-to solution. Many beautiful pendant lights come with cords and can work with this idea. Consider also, the sitting area and space the brackets accordingly.

Wall Artwork

If you have a favorite set of plates, you could enjoy a few as a piece of artwork. Most decorative brackets have plate grooves which can make it easy for you to display and create a striking focal point while introducing architectural interest and dimensionality to your dining or kitchen area.

Bright plate colors should pop the tone or match the hue of your theme. Play with the mood by switching out candles, favorite artwork, photos, and more.

Corner Accent

Using brackets as a corner detail can transform any ordinary space into an eye-catching one. You only need to set one or two decorative brackets by the doorway to create a striking entrance.

Mount a decorative bracket near the doorway and hang a plant basket or simply add the brackets to the door to create architectural interest. Dressing up your stairs with decorative brackets could also be a great way of creating interest in your space.

You could include an element of architectural detail by attaching the brackets to posts. You can choose from rustic to traditional.

If you have a builder-grade home that is perhaps lacking personality, try decorative brackets. You could add shelf brackets to your windows or doorway or as a fence planter at your garden to transform an otherwise boring space into a cheerful one. Decorative brackets are an inexpensive way of adding color and interest to any home project. Therefore, they should be in your budget as you look forward to start your new project.