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Bring Your Rustic Beam Style Outside with Beautiful Faux Wood Columns

Bring Your Rustic Beam Style Outside with Beautiful Faux Wood Columns
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Rustic was the norm for decades and then modern life came along. But more and more people are going back to the rustic look. Rustic beams inside that run along the ceilings can be quite lovely. The wood look adds warmth and personality to even a modern room. With our quality, affordable material it is easy to add the look to any room in the house but it looks particularly nice in kitchens, great rooms or dens. That same rustic look can travel outside to your porch with our custom rustic columns. Here are some great reasons to consider adding faux wood columns to your porch.


Affordable & Lightweight

To use real wood beams on your porch columns would be quite expensive, and that’s not including the cost if you have them distressed to look aged. Then there is the weight of a real wood beam. These types of beams can need a professional with expensive equipment to install them. Plus you need to make sure you have the proper support for all that weight. With Worthington’s rustic faux wood beams you can afford the look of wood but without the expense and weight. The lighter weight makes them easier to put in place as well.

The Warmth & Beauty of Wood

Wood adds warmth and beauty to a home like nothing else. Here at Worthington, we love everything about the Early American look and we put our passion into everything we craft. We make our molds from real aged timber so our columns look like the genuine thing.  These columns are designed with the wonderful warmth and look of real natural wood. These rustic columns are made from molds taken from aged cedar. It’s a cost-effective way to upgrade the look and worth of your home while adding a delightful homespun aspect. We have two types of columns – the tapered Worthington rustic column shaft and the non-tapered Worthington rustic column shaft. Both come in various sizes and we have the bases and caps as well. You can choose your length, width, and height. We offer 5 different stains or you can choose white or unfinished. With the last two, your creativity can design the look you want. 

Practical As Well As Lovely

The practical side of faux wood columns, besides being affordable and lightweight weight, is they are not susceptible to the things that can destroy genuine wood. Termites and other wood-eating pests can’t harm these beautiful rustic columns. The fiberglass construction holds up to weather in a way that no wood beam would be able to. And with the affordable price, they are definitely a practical way to go to add a rustic look to the outside of your home. Our beams and columns are hollow and that means doing things like running electrical wires through them a breeze.

Enhance Any Design Style

Our faux wood columns will enhance any style of home you have. Add rustic colonial charm with our tapered columns. Choose our non-tapered columns in white for a clean, pristine oceanfront porch. Dark stained straight columns go well if you like the Western ranch style home. The options are endless. Rustic columns can bring a porch to life and make it a place of beauty instead of just a bare, flat area that you walk on to enter your home. If you are designing a porch for the first time then why not design it around our rustic columns? Elegance blends with old world culture to give your home the beautiful rustic look you have been wanting when you use our faux wood columns. Contact us today for a custom design and quote.