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Aluminum Railings for Commercial Office Space

Aluminum Railings for Commercial Office Space
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Commercial property owners know the value (and requirement) of quality railings at their office properties. You need to keep your tenants safe by preventing slip and falls accidents; and you need to keep your office buildings up to code. Finally, high quality aluminum railings add an element of style and a quality finishing touch to the appearance of your building.


At Worthington Millwork we guarantee that our aluminum railings are 100% Made in America! Whether you’re a planner, developer or commercial property owner we’re going to show you…

Reasons Why Our American Made Aluminum Railings are Ideal for Offices

  • Our classic lines are appropriate for any architectural style.
  • Our extruded brackets are durable and strong.
  • Railings are crafted from 6063 aluminum alloy, IT WILL NOT RUST.
  • We’ll powder coat it for you.
  • Our aluminum railings have a 15 year warranty! You won’t get that from inferior imported products!
  • Easy installation, either DIY or have a contractor do it. 
  • Aluminum railings elevate the appearance of your office building.

The Benefits of an Elevated Style

Architects and designers, property owners and property managers, real estate agents and flippers, your office tenants… everyone appreciates the elevated style our aluminum railings bring to a building. 

By improving the exterior “curb appeal” of your property, you increase it’s value overall, and you increase the potential rents you can charge future lessees. Prospective tenants will appreciate a quality aluminum railing, and visiting insurance agents and building code inspectors will appreciate them too.

Our aluminum railings look great on all sorts of buildings, whether modern or historic, we have a railing that will fit your need. Note that most commercial property applications will require a 42″ height (you can view the rest of our 36″ products at our website).

Commercial Building Codes & Railings

This blog is meant to be educational, informative and design-inspirational about our aluminum railings & office applications. We are not claiming this blog to be an authority on building code topics.

However we would like to share with you some common railing codes that may apply to you. Again, code varies locally, so be sure to contact us if you have questions that go beyond the scope of this article.

Most cities and communities don’t have their own specific building codes. They adapt them from larger government and international codes. Generally speaking most railings at office spaces must follow these guidelines:

  • They must have a shape and dimensions that are easy to grasp.
  • The ends must not present any projection hazards or sharp points.
  • Ability to handle a 200 pound load applied outward or downward.
  • Minimum clearance between handrails and other objects is 2.25 inches.
  • Most railings at commercial locations must be 42″ in height.

All of our aluminum railing products will meet the standard international building codes like these.

Why Choose Aluminum Railings from Worthington Millwork?

When it comes to aluminum railings, we know you have options. You can go to a DIY home store, or ask your contractor to source them him or herself. There are foreign sources online too. At Worthington Millwork, our focus is QUALITY! All of our railings are 100% USA made goods. We offer the highest possible quality at a price that competes with the big Home Improvement chain stores, and their goods come from overseas!

We work with all sorts of folks: homeowners, architects, developers, real estate agents & flippers, commercial property landlords and management companies. We would love to work with you too!

Check out our website and our blog for more information on aluminum railings and our American made custom columns, mouldings and more!