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Aluminum Railing: Why It’s A Great Addition To Your Deck

Aluminum Railing: Why It’s A Great Addition To Your Deck
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The perfect finishing touch for your deck is aluminum railing. This railing is made completely from aluminum alloy and has so many great benefits. Here are 4 excellent reasons why you should consider aluminum railing for your deck. 

Durability Isn’t An Issue 


When you purchase aluminum railing for your deck, you have the comfort of knowing that durability isn’t going to be an issue for you. First of all, the aluminum railing has been pre-treated with powder coat paint, 3 high-gloss paint colors, and 3 textured, low-gloss finishes. This creates an aluminum railing that is very resistance to weathering, such as rain, snow, sun exposure, wind, etc.

These railings are also made specifically so that they will not rust. Since rust can be a huge issue with some metals that are exposed to sun and water on a regular basis, this is a huge comfort to many looking for a good railing to install. Lastly, the railing has a 15 year warranty that comes with it, so if something does happen to go wrong, you have the comfort of knowing that you will be covered. 

You Have Great Color Options 

Most people like the idea of personalizing the railing on their deck and aluminum railing definitely gives you this option. You can choose from a variety of colors that include gloss white, wicker, clay, white tex, bronze tex, and black tex. This makes it easy to find an aluminum railing that matches the color scheme of your home and your deck. 

The paint used on the aluminum railing has multiple coats and a strong finish that helps it so that the colors do not fade over time and the paint does not peel off. This saves you from the worry and hassle of having to repaint later.

Perfect For Safety 

Aluminum railings are the perfect way to make your deck as safe as possible. The railings come with several aluminum poles that are close in proximity to each other, making it difficult for a child to get through them. The presence of the aluminum railing itself is a great barrier between whoever is on the deck and the ground far below. These railings can go all of the way around your deck, as well as down the stairs that are descending from your deck.

Also, because you can choose from a variety of heights for your railing, it makes it easy for you to get the height that you feel is best for your deck. You can get an aluminum railing that is as short as 36 inches, or as tall as 42 inches. 

Customized Rail Kits  

No matter what the dimensions of your deck are, there are aluminum railings that are made to fit it perfectly. You can easily go online and order pre-made rail kits that are ready to be installed. These rail kits come with everything that you need, including all of the brackets, mounts, and hardware that you need. This makes the process super simple and allows you to install it without the need of professional assistance.  

The pieces in these kits can also be cut if necessary, allowing you to make needed changes if you measured wrong or if you changed the dimensions of your deck during the building process.

If you are looking for railing that is incredibly durable and long-lasting, gives you multiple colors to choose from, is perfect for safety, and can be delivered in customized rail kits, then aluminum railing is definitely the choice for you.

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