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6 Ways to Add Colossal Value to Your Home

6 Ways to Add Colossal Value to Your Home
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Everyone is always looking for ways to add value to6 ways to add value to your home ebook their home.Especially if they are trying to sell their home. We have come up with a few ways that you can add great value to your home without spending to much money. Be sure to get the full Ebook for more in depth discussions.


For most of us, homes are not only where we live but are also our biggest single investment. As a living space, a home’s design and condition impact our lives day in and day out. As an investment, we seek to preserve and enhance value in the marketplace. When considering remodeling and improvement projects, we must consider both roles. Architectural details have been popular for years, and statistics show they are becoming even more popular in the 21st Century. Although value is difficult to compute, a recent nationwide building society survey found that buyers pay a premium of up to 30% for properties with more “character” – defined in the survey as architectural details, ornamentation and molding/millwork How much of this premium your clients can earn depends on how much character you build or design into the home

Source: Jervis, Russell. Survey entitled “What details earn premiums in home design and construction?” conducted by Spicerhaart, National
Building Society, 2006

Here are some quick tips…

Doing these along with following our guide in the downloadable ebook will ensure that you will see a great value increase to your home. Our Ebook goes more in depth to explain the steps to take when you decide to make this big change. It seems like it could be a scary task and to much to handle. But take it from the pro’s on architectural details it isn’t as big of a job as you might think.


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