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6 Style Elements to Make Your Staircase More Open and Inviting

6 Style Elements to Make Your Staircase More Open and Inviting
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A staircase in your home can have incredible power over the impression of the adjoining rooms. A staircase can look majestic, inviting, or it can make the entire room look more cramped and closed off. If you’re thinking about home renovations and improvements, then opening up your staircase and making it more inviting is a great place to start.

But what makes a staircase inviting? What makes it enhance the beauty of downstairs rooms while beckoning to comfortable rooms upstairs? That’s exactly what we’re here to explore today.



Open Railing Instead of Walls

The first step is to literally open up the staircase. If your staircase is enclosed in drywall, consider taking that out and replacing the wall instead with a warm railing with balusters and banisters. This alone will make your staircase more visible and inviting for the entire room. If you need the wall the staircase is built against because it is a support wall, consider wrapping the support beams in elegant columns to open up the space.


Attractive Balusters and Banisters

The railing, also known as the balusters and banisters of a staircase, are also a big part of how inviting it looks. Warm wood tones and attractively molded balusters are the centerpiece of a lovely staircase. The best part about choosing new railings is that you can make a custom selection of the shape, height, and style for your molded balusters. Top it off with a smooth railing that fits perfectly into the hands of family and guests as they walk up or descend the stairs.


Warm Overhead Lighting

Overhead lighting is essential for an open staircase design. Light on the stairs is both a safety concern and can make your stairs more welcoming. many homeowners struggle to light their stairways because it is a tight space where pendant lamps can be insufficient and wall sconce lamps extend into the path. Instead, consider a sequence of canister lights recessed into the ceiling above the staircase for clear, warm lighting all the way up. 


Carpeted Stair Runner

Stair runners are a beautiful addition to any staircase. If your stairs are a warm wood, then a stair runner also adds a critical element of traction. Provided the runner is properly secured. Choose a carpet or knit runner that perfectly accents the warm and inviting interior of your home. Stair runners can also be more permanently installed for both safety and aesthetics. 


Landing Shelves and Decor

If your stairs have a landing, this is the perfect opportunity to make the entire staircase more open and inviting. A few shelves overhead or in the corner nook of the stairwell can provide for staircase storage and some kind of welcoming display. Some families decorate their landing shelves with seasonal decor. Some place books for stairway reading, some add a small display of family keepsakes. Landing decor is a lovely way to make your stairs more inviting and somewhat interactive.


Decorative Nooks 

 Last but not least is decorative nooks. If you want to add decorations all the way up your stairs, but don’t want anything that extends from the wall, then nooks are a perfect solution. Nooks fit into drywall, creating a decorative recess where small items or lights can be placed. Nooks make a wonderful addition to any staircase with drywall along one side.

Ready to make your home staircase into the centerpiece it deserves to be? With an eye for welcoming home design and a few architectural finishes, your staircase can soon transform the entire look and feel of your home’s living spaces. For more great insights into home renovation and decor, contact us today!