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5 Reasons to Add Decorative Corbels to Your Home’s Interior Fixtures

5 Reasons to Add Decorative Corbels to Your Home’s Interior Fixtures
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Corbels are decorative wall bracket types designed to give support to heavy weights. They serve an artistic and functional purpose, and are used in place of shelf brackets when the load to be supported is great. These are distinctive elements that come in varying shapes, designs, and sizes.


It means that they can match with any décor or act as a room’s focal point. Corbels are made from wood, stone, or polymers. Although their style has recently evolved, they were originally made out of stone.

While they are mostly crafted for any room, they are mostly used in the kitchen to support cabinets, counter tops, and stove hoods. They also support bookshelves and fireplace shelves. Here are reasons to add decorative corbels to your home.

1. They offer Different Styles

There are many styles and shapes of corbels you can choose from to suit anything you might want to replicate. Because in the medieval times corbels including Romanesque or Norman primarily served a practical purpose, they were not as artistic as what the market offers today. 

Modern corbels can offer a beautiful element in various areas of your home, such as the kitchen cabinetry or serve as a decorative mantle. Rather than just choosing corbels to support your cabinets, look for ways they can be incorporated as decorative pieces while still staying practical. No matter your decorative goal, you will find a corbel design suitable for you.

2. Flexibility

These decorative architectural accents are incredibly flexible in terms of materials and design. They can match any material you intend to support and are made from different materials to add flair to your space. When stained or painted to match your cabinet’s finish, they can give a striking addition for enhanced design.

You only need to determine your style preference and then incorporate the right material to your décor. Because they come in endless possibilities, be careful to narrow down your choices. Whether you prefer an arts and crafts style or want to gravitate toward a traditional look, there will be a decorative corbel to fill that void.

3. Allow Customization

Corbels are not just metal brackets but more of decorative items, usually welded, carved, or bent into different shapes. The touches added enhance a room and create functionality. One common motif, for instance, is the designing of plants, leaves, and grapes, symbolizing celebration.

Corbels also allow the carving of geometric shapes which strike a balance between plain and ornate, and contemporary designs similar to the craftsman styles. In the past, decorative corbels resembled human and animal heads, especially on cathedrals. Today, they are often designed from painted wood and carved into different inspirations.

4. They have Aesthetic and Practical Appeal

If you intend to make a significant impact in overlooked areas, corbels are your ultimate solution. Not only do they offer practical appeal, but also eye appeal. There are a dozen ways they can be incorporated in your home to boost your interior design game.

They can be used with mantels, shelves, and lighting. Enhance your home with the beauty of re-purposed decorative corbels if you want to borrow from an ideal architectural salvage. Unlike brackets, corbels are designed to serve a practical and supportive purpose while also acting as a focal point of any space.  

5. Ceiling or Room Dividers

Corbels can be used to divide a room. Today, most rooms, especially the kitchen are designed with an open concept. Decorative corbels, in this case, can be used to separate the space effectively. Create the boundary needed by mounting them on the ceiling.

Corbels are functional and versatile decorative features that can add depth to any design. Whether you are going the contemporary, traditional, or the modern way, corbels can be custom made to meet your needs. If you are looking for more inspiration, contact Worthington Millwork to learn more about how corbels can be incorporated into your interior and exterior settings. You can also order high-quality corbels from us today.