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5 Places to Incorporate Decorative Columns Into Your Home

5 Places to Incorporate Decorative Columns Into Your Home
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Columns add a stately and elegant appearance to your house. Nonetheless, they can be an eyesore if installed improperly. You should find an innovative and creative way of addressing issues relating to aesthetics and structural integrity when installing decorative columns. This implies ensuring that the columns are strong enough to support the weight of upper floors, the roof, and other weight-bearing loads. Here are five of the best places to incorporate decorative columns into your home.


1. The Porch

There is no better way of making an architectural statement than having decorative columns at the entrance of your house. A decorative column will add a chic urban appeal to the house. The decorations around columns installed on your porch are a beautiful way of welcoming visitors into your home.

2. Kitchen

Decorative columns can be a great addition to your kitchen, especially when used alongside the knee wall that separates the kitchen from the rest of the house. One great thing about decorative kitchen columns is that they can be non-structural. In this case, they won’t support any weight, something that makes them easy to install.

3. Basement Plumbing Systems

Decorative columns can be used to disguise unsightly pipes and other elements of your home’s plumbing system. When undertaking a renovation project, for instance, there could be plumbing components that are already in place. Attempting to move them can be expensive. Installing decorative columns around the plumbing components not only puts them out of sight but also adds a touch of elegance to your house.

4. Living Room

If you are looking to add scale and grandeur to your living room, consider incorporating decorative columns into the space. Classical columns featuring eye-catching adornments can blend well with whatever style that you use in your living room. Adding a decorative column in your foyer or even along the staircase that leads to upstairs rooms will create a classical and luxurious atmosphere.

5. Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most intimate places in your home. Modern-day bathrooms typically incorporate ancient and contemporary designs to produce a grand and luxurious style that makes a bold statement. One unusual yet classical way of incorporating primeval elements into your bathrooms is the addition of decorative columns. These can also be used to conceal the plumbing system.

How to Creatively Install Decorative Columns

Once you decide that you want to incorporate decorative columns into your home, you should consult an architect and structural engineer about your options. This is particularly the case with large rooms since these professionals will help you determine the most opportune places to install the columns.

You should keep in mind the fact that decorative columns serve as your home’s creative focal points, especially when installed in living rooms or on outdoor patios. In the case of patio columns, consider displaying greenery on them so that they blend with the greenery on your outdoor spaces.

Likewise, interior columns ought to blend with other indoor components such as furniture and paintwork. It is advisable to paint decorative columns with the same color used on your walls since it makes the rooms to appear larger. 

Incorporating decorative columns into your home s one of the most intricate home improvement projects that you can ever undertake. Besides their visual appeal, these structures support the weight of other home components such as upper floors and the roof. To avoid harming your home’s structural integrity, you should always hire a contractor to install the columns for you.

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