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3 Creative Ways to Incorporate Polyurethane Molding into Your Interior Design

3 Creative Ways to Incorporate Polyurethane Molding into Your Interior Design
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Despite the ever-changing landscape of home décor, moldings are still in high demand and are now available in an array of materials such as polyurethane. What’s even better is that they can be incorporated in every single room of your house. Therefore, whether your idea of tasteful interior décor revolves around a timeless space and décor pieces that remind you of the Victorian era or a contemporary space with a few sublime decorative features, creative use of polyurethane cornices can help you achieve whatever you had in mind.


Creative Ways to Use Polyurethane Moldings for Interior Decoration

When used in exterior design, a polyurethane molding serves both structural and decorative purposes. But when used in interior design, a cornice is purely decorative and can add a sublime or a sophisticated touch to your space. In other words, it can help you achieve whatever look you had in mind without adding too much clutter. That said, here are the various ways to incorporate this timeless piece into your space.

1. As Window Treatments

Is your bedroom’s or living room’s architecture too bland and boring? If yes, then you can make it interesting by using polyurethane cornices as window treatments. Cornices are especially lifesaving if the room’s windows have a modest trim. They’ll hide it, making both the window and the entire room aesthetically pleasing. What’s even better is that polyurethane is highly customizable and emulates natural wood hence adds a timeless touch to a boring room. Thus, polyurethane cornices for your windows can be customized to complement your room’s design. Additionally, you can use polyurethane cornices as window treatments for any room, be it the bedroom, the living room, or the dining room.

2. Use Polyurethane Cornices to Define a Room

Another creative way to incorporate polyurethane cornices into your home’s interior design is by using them to define different areas of a room.

For instance, in most contemporary spaces, having the dining and living area in the same room is the norm. To break the monotony and make your space unique, consider installing polyurethane cornices combined with an arch treatment where your dining area starts. This will not only create a beautiful decorative transition between the two areas but will also add personality to the space.

3. To Correct Room Imperfections

Normally, a wall should meet the ceiling at precisely 90 degrees to create the perfect join at the top. If it meets this criterion, such a room is usually easy to decorate as you can use wallpaper or add any other architectural treatments to design the room. However, in some cases, you might find that the wall doesn’t meet the ceiling at the required angle. This makes it uneven and hard to decorate. In such a situation, consider installing an American made polyurethane cornice to correct this imperfection. It’ll not only soften the bumpy transition between the wall and the ceiling but will also add an archaic touch to the room.

Why Incorporate Polyurethane Cornices into your Interior Décor?

Since they are available in a wide assortment of designs, polyurethane cornices enable you to add a stylish charm to your living space. Additionally, they are usually simple and as noted earlier emulate natural wood, hence are timeless pieces that add elegance to a room that would have been otherwise plain, without overwhelming it with too many details.

What’s even more riveting is that cornices are timeless. They’ve been part of the architectural realm since time immemorial and are still considered an interior and exterior design staple. Thus, you need not worry about your newly installed ceiling polyurethane cornice going out of style. So feel free to explore our broad range of polyurethane cornices and other American made architectural products you may need for your project.