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3 Areas You Never Thought Could Need Balustrades but Would Look Great

3 Areas You Never Thought Could Need Balustrades but Would Look Great
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Whenever there is mention of the term “balustrade system”, most people immediately think of balconies, the porch, deck, or stair railings. While it’s true balustrades are commonly used in these areas, did you know that if used creatively, a balustrade system can fit almost anywhere?  Here are three areas you never thought could need balustrades, but if used would look great.

  • On Garden Pathways


With so many ways to spice up your pathways, installing a balustrade system on garden pathways may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But if used creatively, balustrades could turn an otherwise bland looking pathway into a picturesque one that you only see in the magazines.

You could pair them up with other great pathway decorative ideas. For instance, if your lawn is made up of grass and flowers and you don’t want people stepping on it, then a paved pathway is a great idea.

 But still, some people can be pretty ignorant, and even with a path clearly defining the border, you’ll always find them stepping on your well-manicured flowers.  One great way to ensure this doesn’t happen is having a balustrade system line the pathway on both sides.

The good bit about concrete is that nowadays, it can be customized to fit your idea. For instance, if you opt for polyurethane balustrade, the concrete paving could be textured to match the mentioned. This way, your walkway will serve as a beautiful contrast to the green landscape.

To enhance the aesthetic appeal even further, and make sure people can still find their way even when it’s dark, consider having surface-mounted LED lighting installed. Such lighting is ideal for illuminating balusters from below and adds visibility to the walkway, yet at the same time, accentuates the pathway even further.

Note, this doesn’t mean you line up all pathways within your compound with a balustrade system; you could even choose to install balustrades on the path leading to the front door only, or one leading to the garden.

  • The pool area

There is no doubt you know that you can fence your pool area. What you didn’t know is that you can use balustrades. Some of the most popular pool fencing options include wood, vinyl, aluminum railings, and glass railings, among many others. While these are essentially some great options, balustrades are an even better option for several reasons.

 First, balustrades boast an incredibly unique shape. So, besides their functional role of protecting your little ones and pets from coming to the pool area, they are also aesthetically pleasing. Also, as noted, they are not as popular as other pool fencing options. Thus, you are less likely to visit your friend and find them around the pool area. So on top of top-shelf functionality and great visual appeal, you also get an outstanding pool area.

  • Enclose that water fountain

Water fountains are attractive even without balustrades. But you can add even more glamour to them by adding a balustrade system. Some people place large river rocks or potted plants all around it, while others have a small concrete wall built on this area. All these are some great ideas but one way to make yours stand out is having a balustrade system all around it.

The blooming flower bud shape of a balustrade system, adds a bit of a Victorian/Greek style to the water fixture, instantly turning it into a focal point. Similar to the pathways, you could also have some lights installed so the water fountain area can remain a focal point even at night.

Over to You

The three areas above are proof that if used well, a balustrade system can fit almost anywhere. You only need to be creative enough. If you need more ideas or need high quality American-made balustrade systems, feel free to contact our highly experienced yet friendly team at Worthington today!