PVC Columns

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Benefits of PVC Columns:

  • Maintenance Free
  • American Made
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Impervious to Insects
  • Lightweight
  • Very Customizable
Column Designer

PVC Columns


  • Are your PVC columns load bearing?
  • No, our PVC columns come in L shape halves and are not load bearing

  • How are the columns shipped?
  • The columns ship with a qualified freight carrier company. Depending on the size of capitals and bases we may use FedEx.

  • Can I trim my columns to a shorter height?
  • Yes. If the column is non-tapered, you may trim to any specific height. Each column must be trimmed from the bottom of the shaft.

  • How do I secure a split column to a wooden or metal post?
  • Depending on your application, there are several ways to hold a column in place when used for decoration purposes only. One of the most common ways to hold a column in place is to use standard L brackets on the bottom and top of the column’s shaft. The Tuscan Base and Capital hide this method of installation. If being assembled around a wooden post, a common way to secure the column is by using wood shims. The shims should fit snugly between the column shaft and the post for proper stability.

  • Are there different PVC assembly options?
  • Arts & Crafts collection includes three assembly options, Flat Stock, L-wrap and Fully Assembled. The L-wrap assembly contains numerous configurations and design details in addition to many custom sizes and designs. Send your custom specifications to Worthington Millwork for an individualized creation.

Complete Guide To Architectural Columns

The guide includes all of our column specifications, warranty information, prices, checklists & more!